DIWUG meeting upcoming Thursday (May 7)

DIWUG meeting upcoming Thursday (May 7)

First of all Sandra de Ridder of Macaw will discuss the SharePoint User eXperience (UX). She will cover different aspects of the default SharePoint UX and will give us some tips on how the user experience of SharePoint solutions could be improved.

During the second session Maurice Bakker and Jaap Mollema of TamTam will take us for a trip to the world of functional design for SharePoint solutions. They have for us some best practices on the process and some do’s and don’ts during prototyping and codeless solutions.

Both sessions are very interesting and some great people will be there. It’s all free so don’t hesitate and drop by (don’t forget to register on the DIWUG site). The event starts at 6pm and will be hosted by Macaw in Schiphol-Rijk. See you Thursday!

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