DIWUG (Nov 4) – SharePoint 2010: Ask the Expert

Dutch Information Worker User Group Upcoming Wednesday evening the Dutch Information Worker User Group (DIWUG) is organizing another meeting. And it’s not going to be “just” a meeting. First of all it will all about SharePoint 2010. Secondly there were be a lot of great folks there. Not only local heroes like Matthijs Hoekstra (Microsoft), Mirjam van Olst (SharePoint 2007 Microsoft Certified Master), Wouter van Vugt (MVP) and myself but also fellows SharePoint MVPs Spencer Harbar (also SharePoint 2007 Microsoft Certified Master) and Tobias Zimmergren (THE guy from the Internet). To keep it short: if you have any SharePoint 2010 questions it is THE place to ask them and make yourself 2010 READY.

Don’t forget to sign up @ http://www.diwug.nl. See you there!

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