Easy getting back to the Start screen in Windows Server 2012 on remote sessions

Are you logging in remotely to Windows Server 2012 machines and having trouble getting back to the start screen?

Windows Server 2012

Windows Server 2012 is a great operating system that offers a lot of new capabilities comparing to its previous version. One of the new things provided as a part of Windows Server 2012, whether you like it or not, is the modern UI.

Inconvenient getting back to the Start screen on Windows Server 2012 and remote sessions

If you’re a SharePoint developer or an admin working remotely on Windows Server 2012 machines, depending on how you logon to those machines, you might have experienced the scenario where you navigated from the Start screen to the Desktop and had really hard times getting back to the Start screen. The host OS would intercept your ‘Windows’ key or the CTRL+ESC alternative and pointing your mouse in the 5px area in the lower left corner wasn’t that easy.

If this sounds familiar to you, I have a good news: there is an easy way to get back to the Start screen on remote sessions on Windows Server 2012.

Easy getting back to the Start screen with Mavention Win Key

Mavention Win Key is a Windows application that simulates a press of the ‘Windows’ key: it starts, ‘presses’ the Windows key and closes. With this, it makes it very easy for you to get back to the Start screen from the Desktop and since there is no background process running, there is no impact on the performance of your server whatsoever.

Tip: For the best result pin Mavention Win Key to the taskbar.

Mavention Win Key pinned to the taskbar on Windows Server 2012

Download: Mavention Win Key (14KB, ZIP)

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