#5 Good idea just not now

Often we look at ideas as absolutes. Something we either do or don’t do, right now. We rarely dare to say something is good but not now. Why?

Because typically we don’t have a plan, a vision, a strategy, and priorities to align it with. Without it, we can only tell if an idea is compelling or not, but we can’t tell how important it is to execute that idea right now.

You can spend your time only once. Everything new you decide to do pushes something else further down the line. And if you keep doing that, nothing gets done.

So before you pick the next thing, make a plan, even if only rudimentary. Decide what’s important for you right now. And whenever something else comes across your path, use your plan to verify if it’s something you need to do at all and if so, if you need to do it now or if it can wait.

What’s your last idea? Is it good? Do you need to do it now?

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash

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