Improve your jQuery

jQuery has been out there for a while now. Many web developers use it thanks to its simplicity. But because you can use it intuitively there is a chance you might overuse it. Because not all browsers out there can easily deal with lots of JavaScript your enhancements might decrease the user experience – definitely the opposite of what you wanted. So how can you avoid it?

If you’re into jQuery you should definitely check out Jon’s article: Improve your jQuery – 25 excellent tips. These tips will not only save you from most JavaScript pitfalls but will help you optimize your jQuery scripts so that it all will run as smooth as possible. I would even dare to call some of these tips (eg. #1, #3 and #5 ) a best practice.

Among the 25 jQuery tips, Jon has published links to jQuery cheat sheets: definitely more productive than constantly browsing to

To keep it short: a lot of great stuff in one single article. Check it out!

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