Imtech Random Image and Imtech Site Members (Free Web Parts)

Imtech Random Image Web Part displays randomly chosen Image. The Web Part takes as parameters URL of the Image Library containing images you would like to display. It is also possible to input multiple URL’s separated by comma. Additional parameters you can set are: image width and height, in-line CSS style (like border, etc.), image link (you can make image point to the library where all the images are being shown) and the alternate text.

Imtech Site Members Web Part displays the list of users who belong to the Site’s Members Group. As the Web Part produces XML and supports XSL you are free in setting the way the members are presented. Out of the box you get two styles: short (Picture and Preferred Name) and Long (Picture, Preferred Name, E-mail and Mobile Phone). To support setting custom XSL, there is an option to render the output as raw XML so you are able to see what fields there exactly are and how the Web Part expects you to build your XSL.

Both Web Parts are free and you can use them without any restrictions. To make it all easier the Web Parts are stored in a solution with the .webpart files supported. All you need to do is to deploy and install the solution and activate the feature.

Download Imtech.SharePoint.WebParts.wsp (10,1KB)

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