Imtech SEO Slugs Live Writer Plugin v1.1.0

Almost half a year ago I’ve release the first version of the Imtech SEO Slugs Windows Live Writer Plugin. Using the selected text the plugin generates a Search Engine Optimized slug for your post by removing all the noise words. By default slugs are being generated using the post’s title which usually doesn’t contain any HTML markup. There might be situations however when you would like to generate a slug using some text in the body instead.

The initial version of the plugin couldn’t deal with HTML markup and would strip punctuation marks and other non alpha numeric characters creating a rather sluggish slug. The newest version v1.1.0. removes all HTML markup before creating the slug – just as it should work.

Thanks to Simon Martin for the feedback on this issue.

Download: Imtech SEO Slugs Live Writer Plugin v1.1.0 (346KB, MSI)

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