My last day at Imtech

My last day at Imtech

I came to Imtech a little more than three years ago as an intern. My first assignment was to create a generic toolkit for migrating content from one Content Management System to another. This was back in the days when all I knew was PHP and developing software was mostly for fun. Right after I was done with my first assignment at Imtech, I got a job offer. And so I became a Software Engineer at Imtech ICT Business Solutions. That felt really cool: working with a lot of smart people around knowing all the stuff I have never even heard of. On my very first day at Imtech I started working with MOSS 2007. The first project I worked on is still on-line:

In the last three years I've been working mostly on Web Content Management solutions built using the Office SharePoint Server 2007 platform. Together with my colleagues at Imtech, I've worked on some pretty cool SharePoint stuff. I wrote about some of them on this blog.

Working at Imtech was real fun and when I look back at it, it feels to me like a journey travelled with the speed of light. Just three years ago I had not a single clue about developing in .NET whatsoever. Then all of a sudden I started working on SharePoint solutions and at some point, I even started understanding what I was doing: that was the moment when I realized how cool SharePoint is and how many different things you can do with it. I got so fascinated with it, that I wasn't doing anything else for the next three years. You know the rest of this story...

Looking back at what I have achieved, I could've never done that alone. It is thanks to the great people around me that I am where I am now. I would like to thank all of you for your patience, coaching, great feedback and great time we had together. I will miss you, guys! Good luck to you with all the new challenges in 2010 and I hope to see you soon!

And what am I going to do next? I will tell you about it tomorrow on the first day of my new job...


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