#24 Learn building Microsoft Teams apps

#24 Learn building Microsoft Teams apps

Looking back at my dev career, I learned the most when I had to meet a customer requirement, something that a non-technical person came up with. When I had to build something that didn’t even seem possible at first. At these times I would stretch myself, dig deep into the platform and the tooling, and find the limits of the product I was working with.

It’s on these occasions that I learned the most, blogged, built tools, gave product feedback. It’s those situations that made me crave more work and harder challenges.

Even if your job seems mundane, there is a huge learning opportunity just around the corner. What can you do that seems impossible? How can you make it work? What new will you learn?

All you need is a challenge, a nudge in the right direction.

On December 16, Microsoft Cloud Advocates (my team) are hosting a virtual event: Learn Together about developing apps for Microsoft Teams. If you haven't done much with Teams, this is a great opportunity to see what's possible and how to get started. Will you join us for some code and fun?