#32 Let's Not Overcomplicate Things

I often hear “let’s not overcomplicate this” when talking about features, plans, ideas. The preference is to start doing, now, get going, doesn’t matter what, whatever the first thing is that came up in your mind.

To me, saying something like “let’s not overcomplicate things” is an excuse to not stop and think. Starting doing things immediately gives us the adrenaline rush, we’re busy, we’re moving towards our goals, right, a bias for action! But the opposite is true. Often it just keeps us busy. Thinking feels like we’re not doing anything, it doesn’t feel good. So instead we occupy ourselves with doing wrong things, things the wrong way.

Stop doing. Breathe. Give yourself some time to think. No need to overthink it. Just think and then act. Full steam ahead!

What’s on your mind right now? What do you need to give another consideration?

Photo by Fabrizio Verrecchia on Unsplash

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