Mavention Meta Fields v1.1: now with better support for Content Types

Recently I’ve released the Mavention Meta Fields SharePoint 2010 solution that allows you to easily add meta tags to Publishing Pages. While the first version was a great improvement of the user experience for managing meta tags of Publishing Pages, it had a minor flaw when using multiple Content Types in a single Pages Library with different sets of meta tags fields. This issue has been fixed in this release.

As noticed by MOSSBuddy the first version of Mavention Meta Fields had a minor flaw. When working with multiple Content Types in a single Pages Library, Mavention Meta Fields would display all meta fields available in the Pages Library instead only those associated with the Content Type of the Publishing Page being currently edited. This behavior might be confusing to content editor who would not expect to see meta fields other than those associated with the given Content Type. This issue has been fixed in the newest release of Mavention Meta Fields.

Download: Mavention Meta Fields v1.1 (32KB, WSP)

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