MaventionMinifiedJsFileGenerator was not found on this system – bugfix available

A while ago I’ve published the Mavention SharePoint Assets Minifier extension that allows you to automatically minify CSS and JavaScript files. Unfortunately it had a bug that in some situations resulted in the “MaventionMinifiedJsFileGenerator was not found on this system” error. I have just published a new version of the tool (v1.0.1) with this bug fixed.

The bug had to do with the fact that somehow the required version of the .NET Framework has been reset to 4.0 just before I released it. As a result, if you had a project with .NET Framework set to 4.0 everything would work as expected. For all other framework versions, you would get an error saying that the MaventionMinifiedJsFileGenerator, MaventionObfuscatedJsFileGenerator or MaventionMinifiedCssFileGenerator (depending on which one you were trying to use) custom tool was not found on the system. Paul Schaeflein came up with with a fix for this bug which was as easy as changing the minimal version of the .NET Framework to 3.5.

I’ve just published the new version of Mavention SharePoint Assets Minifier (v1.0.1) to the Visual Studio Gallery and if you have the extension already installed, you should automatically get the update via the Extension Manager.

@Paul: thank you very much for the bugfix suggestion!

Download Mavention SharePoint Assets Minifier from Visual Studio Gallery.

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