Minifying JavaScript and CSS files in Visual Studio 2012 with Mavention SharePoint Assets Minifier for Visual Studio 2012

A new version of Mavention SharePoint Assets Minifier with support for Visual Studio 2012 has been released.

Minifying JavaScript and CSS files has been a known performance optimization technique for quite some time now. With the release of SharePoint 2013 and introduction of new concepts such as apps, minification became even more important. SharePoint 2013 provides us with client-side and REST API which are more powerful than ever before and encourages us to use client-side development techniques rather than deploying server-side code.

Back in 2011 I released Mavention SharePoint Assets Minifier: a free Visual Studio 2010 extension that allowed you to easily minify JavaScript and CSS files and with that optimize your solution for performance. This is a new release of this extension suited to work with Visual Studio 2012.

Download: Mavention Visual Studio Assets Minifier for Visual Studio 2012 from Visual Studio Gallery.

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