MOSS 2007 is XHTML compliant out-of-the-box

Recently, while gathering resources for a presentation on MOSS 2007 WCM I'll be giving next week for a Dutch SharePoint community, I have stumbled upon something interesting. Did you know that MOSS 2007 is XHTML compliant out-of-the-box? Well, neither did I. But it is so, according to CMS Matrix.

CMS Matrix is a service which provides comparison of various Content Management Systems. They have a quite impressive collection to be honest, but what I have doubts about is the quality of each review. Looking at the review of MOSS 2007 I have discovered really lots of new functionality in MOSS. Did you know that SharePoint 2007 has built-in Advertising Management, Chat and Graphs and Chart?

Let's make things straight. MOSS 2007 is not XHTML compliant out-of-the-box and there is no Chat included. Last week Andrew Connell wrote a comment on another service reviewing Content Management Systems. Having found practically the same situation at CMS Matrix only proves that you shouldn't blindly rely on the sources on the Internet and always verify the information unless you're going to give a presentation on April 1st.

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