My external hard drive has died

Yesterday while researching some SharePoint functionality, my external drive (a Plextor PX-PH12U) started making strange noises all of a sudden. It sounded like it was going to explode. The first thing I thought was getting copied all the things I was working on and closing the Virtual PC. Unfortunately... it simply froze the OS and I couldn't do anything else but unplug the cable.

As we work with Virtual PC and TFS the damage is not that big: all the important projects are well backed up and also the Virtual PC is just an off-shelf environment. Yet I regularly create little proof of concept projects to research some functionality or to try things out: all that is gone now. It's nothing serious. It's just annoying to know that I will have to start a week with customizing the standard Virtual PC to fit my taste and get all the tools work properly.

The fact that my hard disk broke has learned me one thing: take better care of your work, especially of all these little projects which you never back up. I think I'm going back to using SyncBackSE to make daily backups of my VPC files to my host.


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