#37 I just need this one more thing

“I just need this one more thing before I launch/ship/send/share. Just need to add this one more feature, cut 0,5sec of performance, fix this one sentence, move this one pixel.”

Whatever is holding you back from shipping is in your head. Whatever objection you have, is just a thought, a picture, an image in your head. You add meaning to it. You’re about to do something valuable, something important, something you’re not doing regularly. And this is exactly why you’re second-guessing yourself. This is your brain’s defense mechanism kicking in, trying to protect you.

You can give in, listen to it and keep postponing whatever it is you want to do, indefinitely. Or you can do it and find out if your suspicions were right or wrong because, in the end, that’s how you learn.

So whatever you think you need, you actually don’t. You have enough. Ship now, start today. Learn and adjust.

What are you going to do next?

Photo by Rick Mason on Unsplash

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