#20 Never stop asking 'why'

As technical folks, we often look at what and how (to implement something). But we forget about what’s more important: why.

Why should this feature be added? Why should this data be presented? Why should it be done that way and not the other? How will it help users?

As long as you’re asking why you’re thinking, you’re looking critically at your work. But when you stop asking why, you start working on autopilot. You use your assumptions and you sacrifice great results at the cost of staying busy.

Why is uncomfortable. To an untrained ear, it sounds like questioning everything and stalling the work. Nothing is further from the truth though. Why is a sign you’re thinking and if you can’t answer it clearly, you should think twice about what you’re doing.

What are you working on? Why?

PS. Recently, I’ve published an article about why you should consider building applications on Microsoft 365, just in case you ever wonder why.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

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