#8 There are no SharePoint developers

#8 There are no SharePoint developers

In the past, when we built SharePoint solutions, they’d be very much locked down to SharePoint. If you were lucky, you’d integrate with your line of business systems. In most cases though, you’d write SharePoint code and deploy it to your SharePoint server.

That’s no longer the case. Today, we no longer build just SharePoint solutions. We build collaboration or communication solutions that run in the cloud. Your solution has a UI built using the SharePoint Framework, communicates with Microsoft 365 using Microsoft Graph, taps into line of business systems through an API running on Azure Functions, and stores data in the Common Data Service. You could also have some bots and logic apps in the mix to further integration and automation.

The landscape has changed and so has the skill set you need to master. You need to know less about SharePoint and more about cloud services. You need to understand more different technologies. And it’s good because it allows you to build applications that are more powerful, robust and future-proof. It allows you to deliver more value to your users. You just need to start thinking beyond SharePoint.

What are you building right now?


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