Let's talk about Office 365 and SharePoint development - presenting at the Microsoft Cloud Roadshow in The Hague

Let's talk about Office 365 and SharePoint development - presenting at the Microsoft Cloud Roadshow in The Hague

At the upcoming Microsoft Cloud Roadshow in The Hague I will have the pleasure of co-presenting three sessions about building solutions for SharePoint and Office 365.

The new Office platform

Over the last few years the way we build Microsoft productivity solutions has changed significantly. Microsoft has released the Microsoft Graph and made it possible to use open source tools to build solutions on the Office platform.

Later this week there is a great opportunity for you to update your skills and learn how to leverage the latest developer opportunities on the Microsoft productivity cloud. At the upcoming Microsoft Cloud Roadshow in The Hague, together with Vesa Juvonen - Program Manager on the SharePoint engineering team, I will be presenting three developer-focused sessions about building solutions for SharePoint and Office 365. Whether you are SharePoint developer wanting to expand your horizons or web developer keen to learn how you could use your existing skills to build Microsoft productivity solutions, these are sessions you must see!

Here is a short glimpse of what we are going to talk about.

Advanced web development with the Office 365 APIs

Looked to get a more advanced glimpse at the Office 365 APIs and how you can leverage them in a web application? If so, this session is for you! We will dive deep into the comprehensive set of end-points and advanced techniques for working with the Office 365 APIs.

Last year Microsoft released the Microsoft Graph (previously known as Office 365 APIs): the API to communicate with the Microsoft cloud. Microsoft Graph plays a key role in building productivity solutions on the Microsoft platform. In our session Vesa and I will discuss why you should consider using the Microsoft Graph in your applications as well as how you can get past the first hurdles. To help you get the most out of the Microsoft Graph we will also share some tips and tricks from the field.

Advanced web development using Angular with Office 365 APIs

AngularJS and single-page applications (SPAs) have taken the web by storm. Come see how quickly you can build powerful Office 365 connected web applications with AngularJS and other open-source frameworks and tools.

I've been using Angular for building Office 365 applications for over a year now, building Office Add-ins, SharePoint and Office 365 applications that integrate with the Microsoft Graph. Thanks to Microsoft's investments in that area, using Angular is probably the easiest way to build a modern solution on the Office platform.

In this session Vesa and I will be sharing tips and tricks from the field as well as best practices, all backed up by real-life examples.

Advanced SharePoint add-in development

Got a SharePoint deployment full of full trust solutions? In this session we will look at advanced patterns and practices for SharePoint add-ins and how to migrate legacy solutions to be cloud-ready. This is the SharePoint Patterns and Practices Power Hour!!!

Recently Microsoft announced the SharePoint Framework - a new model for building SharePoint customizations. SharePoint Framework however isn't deprecating any of the existing models. Instead, it's a complimentary model that can be used next to, or even combined with, SharePoint Add-ins. In this session Vesa and I will discuss the different developer opportunities that you have for building SharePoint customizations and how to make the best use of them.

Bring your own questions

Additionally to the sessions Vesa and I will be co-presenting on Friday, there is an Ask the expert setup on Thursday evening, where you will be able to ask the speakers anything related to Microsoft cloud. The speakers are very experienced in their area of expertise and you might as well consider it a free round of consulting that we will be giving.

See you in The Hague!

If you're not attending the Microsoft Cloud Roadshow, you should strongly reconsider. It's a free event that will help you modernize your developer skills on the Microsoft platform. Go and check if there is still room for you to come and join us. If you are coming, then I'm looking forward to seeing you in our sessions.


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