Inconvenient SPWeb.GetFile(string)

Recently I've been working on a piece of code which would obtain an instance of SPFile using either a GUID or the server relative URL. You don't have to search long to find out that the SPWeb provides a method to do that: GetFile(String). According to the WSS v3 SDK it should return the file object located at the specific URL.

Performance of various data merging methods

Recently I got the task to develop a Web Part which would aggregate the contents of a couple of RSS Feeds, sort them descending on the publishing date and display the top n of them. Thinking about how the whole thing could be done, I have found out that there are multiple methods to get things done. The Web Part was supposed to work on an Internet site so I decided to have a closer look at the performance of the various methods.

Internet Explorer 8 will support AJAX page navigation

The IE team has recently announced that they have made a few AJAX improvements in the newest version of Internet Explorer. One of such improvements is support for updating the navigation log through AJAX. So when your application uses intensively AJAX to enhance the User Experience, you can still leverage the native browser navigation mechanism by updating the navigation log information.