Regular Expressions save the day

Regular Expressions (Regex) is a very powerful technology which allows you to process strings using patterns. It gives you the possibility of processing text in a relatively easy and manageable way. Depending on what you need to do, creating a single Regular Expression might save you some pretty complex programming.

The future of blogging

In the last couple of weeks I have notice that people on the Internet started talking about the trend-to-come for blogging: video blogging. The idea isn't that new and there are plenty of people doing it already: they publish videos alongside the textual content. What's new about the future concept of blogging is that it's supposed to totally replace blogging as we know it now: no more writing and reading, recording and watching instead. I've been following some blogs using video blogging and I came to a few conclusions.

Waldek Mastykarz @

Today I have received an e-mail from the guys at Alltop that my blog has been chosen to make part of the page. It's always great to hear that people appreciate your efforts. Considering other blogs available at that page, it's even better compliment!

WordPress Stats Vista Sidebar Gadget v1.0.0.0

But I have noticed that there is another page I visit daily: the visitors statistics of this blog. There are a couple of reasons why I'm interested in the numbers. First of all I'm writing about different subjects. While this blog is mostly SharePoint focused, once in a while I publish something else than that. I'm really curious how my audience receives that information and whether only people involved with SharePoint visit this blog. Secondly I both write and create tools. Tracking the number of visits and some other details helps me to determine what kind of content my audience - you like. Anyway, in order to gather that and some other data, I visit the stats page as provided by WordPress Stats.