#16 People don't care about your stuff

Well, maybe not as much as they don’t care as they don’t live it. Unlike yours, their lives are not about your solution or idea. They have their own lives, jobs, and concerns, and typically, whatever it is that you want from them is not amongst their priorities. So be aware of that.

If you’ve explained something in the past already, briefly recap the main points before moving on. Bring it back to their attention to get them on the same page. Repeat but be concise. And only when you see they get it again, go on with the discussion.

No matter if it’s a pitch of an idea, a change, or a solution, never assume that people pay as much attention as much as you do. They don’t and it’s not because they’re mean, it’s just realities of life. Just because you find something very important doesn’t mean everyone else does. So as much as you’d like to get to the meat of the discussion you have to start at the beginning. Tell them why they should care.

Photo by Jason Strull on Unsplash

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