Presenting at SharePoint Saturday Oslo 2016

Presenting at SharePoint Saturday Oslo 2016

SharePoint Framework from 0 to 60. Learn it all at the upcoming SharePoint Saturday Oslo 2016.

Building solutions on the SharePoint Framework

Recently Microsoft released the developer preview of the SharePoint Framework - a new model for building SharePoint customizations. Unlike the development models we used in the past, SharePoint Framework is based on JavaScript and uses open source toolchain that works on any platform.

At the upcoming SharePoint Saturday Oslo 2016 I will have the pleasure of co-presenting two sessions about the new SharePoint Framework with fellow-MVP Mikael Svenson.

Both Mikael and I had the opportunity to work with the SharePoint Framework since early this year. Over the last few months we've been researching the capabilities of the new framework and sharing our experiences on our blogs. At the upcoming SharePoint Saturday Oslo we will share with you a lot of what we learned so far.

Getting started with the SharePoint Framework

In our first session we will be talking about what the SharePoint Framework is, how it works and why and when would you use it. If you haven't heard about the SharePoint Framework or didn't have a chance to try it yet, it's a great session for you to attend and learn about it. In 45 minutes we will bring you up to speed and teach you the SharePoint Framework basics.

Working with the SharePoint Framework

If you already know the basics or have attended our first session, this presentation will be a great opportunity for you to learn more about how the SharePoint Framework works and you can use it effectively.

In our second session Mikael and I will talk about some more advanced topics like working with the different JavaScript frameworks and optimizing the user experience of your web parts. We will spend most of the time in code showing you the SharePoint Framework in practice rather than only talking about it.

If you're a SharePoint developer, attending our presentations at the SharePoint Saturday Oslo 2016 will be an excellent chance for you to learn about the latest SharePoint developer opportunities.

Register now for the SharePoint Saturday Oslo 2016 and see you in our sessions!


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