#59 Quick reference cards for Microsoft 365 apps

Microsoft 365 is a rich platform that you can extend with apps. You can build standalone apps like web apps or mobile apps that are connected to Microsoft 365. You can also build extensions that show up inside Microsoft 365 apps, like Teams bots, messaging extensions, Viva Connections cards, SharePoint web parts, or Office add-ins.

Depending on what type of app you’re building, you’ll need a specific set of tools, SDKs, and documentation. A relevant sample or a video would help you as well to see how the different pieces fit together. But here’s the catch: as the tooling and the Microsoft 365 platform evolves, it’s hard to find what’s the recommended way of building the particular type of app.

I’ve been thinking about how we could make it easier for people to find the necessary resources. What if you had a quick reference card listing all relevant resources for the particular type of app? Here’s an example.

Thinking back about the last time you were building a Microsoft 365 app, how did you look for information? If you had such a quick reference card, would it save you time? What other types of apps do you build and what other cards would you like to see?

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

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