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UPDATE! While being busy with making it all work, I haven't realized that the way the aggregated feeds work at the moment, they are breaking the copyrights of different blogs. Instead of posting the complete feeds I'm going to post titles/excerpts only. The aggregated feeds will be unavailable until then.

The day that Joel Oleson has published his top 100 SharePoint blogs list, I thought that it would be great to have an aggregated RSS feed of the best SharePoint blogs on the Internet. And while it's nearly 4 months since Joel published his list, I haven't had a chance to make it work until today: I present to you the aggregated feed of the best SharePoint blogs on the Internet.

Instead of using a custom solution I have decided to use the Yahoo Pipes to do the job. Using an example aggregator pipe I have found on the Internet I published four different RSS aggregations in total:

  • SharePoint MVP's: contains the 15 most recent posts by SharePoint MVP's
  • SharePoint MVP's all articles: contains aggregation of all feeds by SharePoint MVP's (large!)
  • Top 100 SharePoint bloggers (thanks to Joel Oleson): contains the 15 most recent post by various SharePoint bloggers
  • Top 100 SharePoint bloggers all articles: huge aggregation of all RSS feeds by the top 100 SharePoint bloggers on the Internet

In some situations the large feeds may fail to load. Crawling all the RSS feeds and aggregating the content might in some scenario's take more time than allowed and you might get either an error or a time out. Reloading the feed should help in such situation.

You can use the URL's I mentioned above to Subscribe to the aggregation of the best SharePoint content on the Internet. You can also start using the RSS Vista Sidebar Gadget again as it will be showing you the articles from all the best SharePoint blogs and not only from one.

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