SharePoint developer bookmarklets updated

Recently I've been working quite intensively with the SharePoint developer bookmarklets. SharePoint is really infamous of way too many clicks required to accomplish various things. Having shortcuts to the most commonly used functionality within one click saves really a lot of time.

The first set of SharePoint bookmarklets I have published a couple of weeks ago, provided one-click-access to a few places only. Sure it was useful but eventually you would end up clicking around to get to the Site Content Types, Site Columns or Site Collection Features.

Recently I have spent some time helping one of our customers extend their existing Internet site based on MOSS 2007. After I've introduced the bookmarklets, the content owners were really enthusiastic about the idea of having all the common functionality only one click away. So in spite of the name, the SharePoint bookmarklets are not only for the developers but actually for anybody who is intensively working with SharePoint.

In this update I have improved the existing bookmarklets, add some new ones and fixed issues with the Publishing bookmarklets. I have noticed that there were getting plenty of them so I've decided to divide them into categories. To keep it all manageable you might want to add all of them to your favorites but promote to favelets only those which you most commonly use.

You can get the latest version of the SharePoint bookmarklets from </go/bookmarklets>. If you've been using the previous one, you should replace them with the new versions. Let me know should you have any comments on how the bookmarklets work, any ideas for new ones or simply to let me know that you enjoy clicking less around in SharePoint.

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