SharePoint Saturday Munich 2017 presentations slides available

SharePoint Saturday Munich 2017 presentations slides available

At the recent SharePoint Saturday Munich 2017 I presented two sessions about the SharePoint Framework. Here are the slides from both presentations.

PnP all the way ā€“ Reusable tools for SharePoint (Full-Day Workshop)

SharePoint and Office 365 Developers Patterns ā€˜nā€™ Practices (PnP) is an open source community project focused on providing guidance, samples, and content more in general about how to develop real business level solutions with SharePoint (either on-premises or Online) and Office 365. In this workshop the members of the PnP Core Team will explain you how to leverage in your own solutions the goods and the tools provided by PnP. The full workshop will show real life examples and scenarios. Overall, during the day you will learn about how to deal with the new SharePoint Online Modern UI, how to create solutions based on the new SharePoint Framework, how to create Remote Timer Jobs, how to do Remote Provisioning of artifacts, and many other concrete topics. If you are a SharePoint and Office 365 developer, you cannot miss this workshop!

On Friday, before the actual SharePoint Saturday, I had the pleasure of co-presenting a session with Vesa Juvonen about organizational considerations related to the SharePoint Framework. In our session, instead of showing code, we discussed the different things that organizations that want to start building SharePoint Framework solutions, should consider: from the new toolchain and knowledge to creating a blueprint defining among other things the libraries they use and where they host web parts.

Here are the slides from the PnP day. Slides 62-79 are the slides from the SPFx presentation.

Deep-dive building solutions on the SharePoint Framework

If you're an experienced SharePoint developer, there are a number of things that you will need to learn: from the new toolset to deployment and hosting practices. Assuming you know the basics and followed the SharePoint Framework tutorials, I will show you how to get the most out of the SharePoint Framework and build rich client-side solutions.

Closing the SharePoint Saturday Munich, I presented a deep-dive session illustrating different topics related to building SharePoint Framework solutions. It was a slide-free session that we spent in code. For your reference, I put together a slide deck with the topics I demonstrated during my session.

The event

Once again, SharePoint Saturday Munich didn't disappoint. The pre-conference day was a great addition to the well-chosen lineup of speakers and topics on Saturday. I'd like to thank Microsoft Germany, the sponsors and the organization for making this event possible and having me.

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