Speaking at The International SharePoint Conference London 2012

Speaking at The International SharePoint Conference London 2012

During the upcoming International SharePoint Conference London 2012 I will be co-presenting three sessions in the developer track.

Project Startup DEV202

In the Project Startup DEV202 session, that I will be co-presenting with fellow SharePoint MVP and SharePoint MCM Wictor Wilén, Wictor and I will be discussing different approaches to structure your solution and make to help you get the most of the Visual Studio 2010 SharePoint Developer Tools .

Deployment Process – Creating web templates, setup lifecycle management and deployment parts 1 (DEV206) and 2 (DEV207)

Later in the developer track I will be co-presenting two sessions (DEV206 and DEV207) with fellow SharePoint MVP and SharePoint MCM Mirjam van Olst. In our sessions Mirjam and I will be discussing the process of packaging different pieces of the solution that we will be working with so that you can support all the different requirements during the whole lifecycle of the project.

The Developer Track

This year the developer track will be organized in a different way than previously (quoted from the ISC site):

This track is for all the Developers out there who are just starting a SharePoint journey of discovery and for those developers who have been developing for a while and now need to hone their skills to a more advanced level. There is so much that you can do with SharePoint where do you start, and what is the correct way to take a design all the way through to a finished solution deployed live in your production farm. The Developer track in 2012 will be a unique track with a complete 3 day focus on taking a concept all the way through its build, test and deployment process and showing how in the real world what situations a developer can come across and how those situations are troubleshot and resolved. Unlike normal session based conferences this year we plan on expanding on the basic knowledge and going as deep as is needed, so if a topic needs 2 sessions to cover it thoroughly then 2 sessions will be scheduled so you get all the information you need when you go back to the office.

As you can see, instead of giving separate presentations we will be aiming at giving you a more complete insight into the process and hopefully share with you more knowledge that you can benefit of in your every day's work.

I’m looking forward to seeing you in London!


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