Speaking at SharePoint Connect 2014

At the upcoming SharePoint Connect 2014 I will be speaking on building SharePoint 2013 portals and public-facing websites using the Single Page App approach.

Modern web supports modern solutions. Lately we’ve been seeing more and more shift towards leveraging dynamic web technologies for building rich experiences. Single Page Applications (SPAs) are one of the concepts that allow you to provide great user experiences for your business applications. With the advent of the App Model in SharePoint 2013 it’s now even easier and more important to leverage those technologies, but did you know that you can also apply the Single Page App concept to building dynamic portals and websites with SharePoint 2013?

At the upcoming SharePoint Connect 2014 I will be presenting a session on how you can leverage the Single Page Application concept for building dynamic portals in SharePoint 2013. Additionally, I will show what you need to take into account should you choose to apply this technique to your public-facing website.

During the session we will discuss applying the SPA concept in SharePoint 2013 including:

  • using AngularJS for building SPAs,
  • structuring AngularJS SPAs for easier maintenance,
  • leveraging lazy loading techniques with RequireJS,
  • leveraging SharePoint 2013 Navigation and Search REST API in SPAs,
  • optimizing your SPA-based SharePoint 2013 website for Internet search engines

All of that using live demos, which you definitely don’t want to miss! It will be a level-300 session in which, rather than introducing the different technologies, we will discuss applying them in real-life scenarios.

Register now for SharePoint Connect 2014 and see you in my session!

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