Speaking at the SharePoint Evolutions Conference 2013 in London

Today I got confirmed as a speaker for the upcoming SharePoint Evolutions Conference 2013 in London to present two sessions on SharePoint 2013 Web Content Management.

Real-life building public-facing websites with SharePoint 2013 (P&M302)

SharePoint 2013 ships with a variety of new and improved WCM-capabilities. In this session we will walk through the new SP2013 WCM functionality and discuss how you can apply it in real-world solutions and get the most out of it when building public-facing websites.

Building intelligent websites with SharePoint 2013 (P&M307)

SharePoint 2013 supports us with building intelligent websites: websites that adapt their experience to different devices but also their content to visitors. In this session we will discuss what intelligent websites are and how we can leverage new capabilities of SharePoint 2013 to build them.

The Track

Both sessions are going to be presented in the Pick and Mix track:

This track is all about sessions that appeal to a mixed audience. Content that could be aimed at SharePoint Designers but would also appeal to Developers and End Users or a session that requires an IT Pro to configure a piece of the architecture but an End User would then be delegated the management of the component. All too often SharePoint blurs the lines between mixed groups of people working with a specific functionality and this track will have sessions such as Business Intelligence that appeals to a wide audience of skill sets. Expect to see sessions aimed at IT Pro’s, Developers, SharePoint Designers, and End Users.

Even though it’s a broad track for different audiences don’t worry: I will be showing code as well as I will be trying to help you make educated choices in making the best use of the new capabilities that SharePoint 2013 offers for building public-facing websites.

See you in London!

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