Speaking at SharePoint Konferenz 2016

Speaking at SharePoint Konferenz 2016

At the upcoming SharePoint Konferenz 2016 I will be presenting two sessions about leveraging the latest developer opportunities on the Office platform.

NextGen portal for your organization

With the advent of NextGen portals, Office 365 becomes less of a box of building blocks and more of a collection of destinations: turn-key solutions ready for you to use. But how will your users reach all those destinations and where should they depart from? In this session we will take a look at how to build a solution that integrates information from NextGen portals and offers your users a starting point for their journeys bringing the most relevant information to their finger tips.

In this level-300 developer session we will explore the idea of building custom NextGen portals. We will briefly talk about what NextGen portals are and why you would want to build your own. The majority of the presentation however, we will spend in Visual Studio Code building a custom NextGen portal. In this session you will see AngularJS, Angular ADAL, my Office 365 web application generator, Gulp, Microsoft Graph and more live on stage!

Custom NextGen portal for Contoso

Building contextual experiences with the Office Graph

Delve helps you stay in the know with what is going on within your organization. But what if you could have the Office Graph also help you get your work done? In this session we will deep dive into the concepts of leveraging the Office Graph outside of Delve and using it to help you do your work. I will show you how you can build solutions that leverage the Office Graph using modern technologies such as Node.js, AngularJS, TypeScript, CORS, Office 365 APIs and more!

This presentation is also a level-300 developer session where I will be showing how to leverage the Office Graph in Office add-ins to bring relevant content at your users' fingertips. Next to seeing how to build powerful Office solutions, I will show you how to use the latest version of ngOfficeUIFabric to have your Office add-ins not only work great but also look awesome!

Office Add-in using the Office Graph in Word Online

SharePoint Konferenz 2016

The organization did a great job getting a great lineup of speakers and presentations. SharePoint Konferenz 2016 offers a great way to learn about the latest developer opportunities of the Office platform including Office 365, Office clients and SharePoint. Register now for the event and I see you on March 1 in Erding, Germany.


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