Speaking at TechDays NL 2016 about development on the Office platform

Over the last few years Microsoft heavily invested in the developer opportunities on the Office platform. At the upcoming TechDays NL you will have the opportunity to learn about how to benefit of these investments.

Developing on the Office platform for the masses

Developing on the Office platform in the past was odd. Each part if the Office platform required you to have different skills. For building SharePoint customizations you had to know ASP.NET and C#/VB.NET. For extending Office you either had to build COM add-ins or use VBA. For web development you had to know a variety of protocols from SOAP to RPC.

Over the last few years Microsoft rationalized the developer opportunities on the Office platform. The whole platform - from SharePoint to the Microsoft Graph, uses now REST. Office clients customizations can be built using web technologies and work not only on Windows but on all platforms including in the web browser. Finally, with the SharePoint Framework, currently in the developer preview, developers can build SharePoint customizations on any platform using open-source tooling.

At the upcoming TechDays I will be (co-)presenting three sessions presenting the different developer opportunities on the Office platform.

Office add-ins from 0-60

Using Office web add-ins developers can extend capabilities of Office applications on all platforms. In this session you will learn how to build Office add-ins on any platform and connect them to Office 365.

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Many organizations use Office 365 to facilitate collaboration and their business processes. By extending these customizations beyond SharePoint and web browser, and bringing them into Office client applications, you can help organizations be more productive and make better use of the tools at their disposal.

In this session, Albert-Jan and I will give you a quick overview of Office web add-ins and how you can develop them on any platform. We will also discuss the considerations you have to take into account in order to connect your add-ins to Office 365 and will show you how you can build Office web add-ins using Angular.

Microsoft Graph API deep-dive

Microsoft Graph is the API to get information and data from the Microsoft productivity cloud. In this session you will learn how to effectively use it to build powerful business solutions.

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Using Microsoft Graph developers can communicate with the different applications that are a part of Office 365. Being the one API that spans the different workloads, Microsoft Graph simplifies building powerful solutions that span across the whole Office 365 platform.

In this session, Albert-Jan and I will tell you how to work effectively with the Microsoft Graph and leverage in a number of scenarios: from Office Add-ins to SharePoint Framework client-side web parts - each with its own considerations.

SharePoint Framework do’s and don’ts

Recently Microsoft released new framework for building SharePoint customizations. With the tips & tricks from this session you will make better use of the SharePoint Framework and build better solutions.

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SharePoint Framework is a new model for building SharePoint customizations that is currently in developer preview. Comparing to other SharePoint development models, the SharePoint Framework is built on open-source toolchain and allows developers on any platform to extend SharePoint’s capabilities.

Having worked with the SharePoint Framework for the last few months, I will share you a number of tips & tricks to help you get the most out of the SharePoint Framework.

SharePoint Framework from 0 to 60

If you haven’t heard about the SharePoint Framework, I would highly recommend that you attend two other sessions, both presented by fellow-MVP and a great friend, Wictor Wilén: Introducing SharePoint Framework and Deep dive in building Client-Side Web Parts using SharePoint Framework. All three sessions are planned one after another so that you can attend all of them.

Combined together think of these three sessions as a SharePoint Framework mini-course that will help you start right from the beginning, get the most of the tooling and the different framework capabilities and avoid common pitfalls when building SharePoint customizations using this new approach.

Get your TechDays ticket now at techdays.nl and see you in one of my sessions!

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