Speaking at Unity Connect Amsterdam

Speaking at Unity Connect Amsterdam

At the upcoming Unity Connect event in Amsterdam I will be presenting a session about building solutions with the Office Graph and another about leveraging NextGen portals as a developer.

Building Solutions with the Office Graph

Preparing for a meeting but not sure what documents are relevant? Writing a proposal and looking for similar documents? Interested in what is happening in your organization? With the new Office Graph answers to those questions are within your reach.

Recently released Office Delve leverages information from the Office Graph to help you stay in the know and discover new and relevant content for you. A part of the Office Graph is also an API that you can use for building productivity solutions tailored to your specific needs.

In this session you will see how the Office Graph works and how it can be used for building custom apps. All scenarios will be backed up by real-life solutions that you could use in your organization.

This will be a developer session explaining the mechanics of the Office Graph on one hand and an inspiration session presenting the different possible applications of the Office Graph in real-life scenarios on the other. Even though you might have seen me presenting this session before, things are changing constantly in the Office Graph and you can expect to see updated content and demos leveraging the latest capabilities of the Office Graph.

NextGen Portal for Your Organization

With the advent of NextGen portals, Office 365 becomes less of a box of building blocks and more of a collection of destinations: turn-key solutions ready for you to use. But how will your users reach all those destinations and where should they depart from?

In this session we will show you how to build a solution that integrates information from NextGen portals and offers your users a starting point for their journeys bringing the most relevant information to their finger tips.

This will be a developer session where Albert-Jan Schot and I will provide a quick overview of the different NextGen portals and their data and explain the concept of building a NextGen portal for your organization yourself. Expect to see a brand new demo and content crafted specifically for this session and which hasn't been shown before.

Unity Connect

Unity Connect (formerly SharePoint Connect) returns to Amsterdam, bigger and better in 2015! Building on a brilliant, 6-year history, Unity Connect brings together the SharePoint, Office 365, and Azure communities with the best and brightest European and international experts to give you what you need to succeed with these technologies, on-premises, in the cloud, and every hybrid scenario in between.

Being one of the speakers of this event is an absolute honor and I'm looking forward to seeing you in Amsterdam this October.


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