#38 Success of a successful adoption

There’s just one thing that’s needed for adoption. It’s really like sales. You can try to sell something to folks, forcibly make them buy it, pitch arguments why they should do it, come up with offers and special deals or you can have them take it off your hands faster than you make it. So how do you do it with adoption? It’s easy: you just need to make people get it. It’s that simple and at the same time that hard.

If you introduce a change, you need to ensure people get it. That they understand why this change is needed, what problem it’s meant to solve, why you need their help, and what role they plan in the process. They don’t necessarily need to agree with you. But if they truly get it, they will do it.

It’s an open door really, but it’s exactly why it’s often overlooked. Everyone assumes that people get, while in reality they rarely do. So next time you work on a change, help them get it. Don’t spend time on adoption plans. Instead focus on understanding and the rest will follow. What change are you working on right now?

Photo by Campaign Creators on Unsplash

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