Working easier with custom CAS policies

Working with custom CAS policies is not trivial. Many developers find it challenging to figure out what permissions their code should have, so instead deploying safely to Web Application (BIN) they choose to deploy their assemblies to the Global Assembly Cache (GAC) granting their code full trust. There is however

Inconvenient ASP.NET cookies

Recently I’ve been working on a SharePoint solution that was persisting some state information. Originally this solution was relying on Session State but because of some [extra configuration complexity that using Session State with SharePoint requires]( we decided to

Better conditional content for anonymous users with LoginView

SharePoint 2010 ships with the [SPSecurityTrimmedControl]( that allows you to conditionally display content to users based on their permissions. On top of that it gives you the ability to [display content to anonymous/authenticated users only](

Web Part requires clicking twice the Apply/OK button to apply the changes

Recently I was debugging a Web Part which had an issue with applying its changes. It required clicking the Apply/OK button twice in order to apply the changes. While this problem is quite commonly seen in different examples on the Internet, the solution is very simple. To illustrate this

Waldek Mastykarz is now Microsoft Certified Professional Developer

For the last couple of weeks I spent some extra time on learning. I have decided to organize my knowledge and experience and fill in all the gaps. It’s not bad to learn things through working with them. Theoretical knowledge is not as valuable and useful as real-life experience