Inconvenient recommendations for pages with Friendly URLs stored in subwebs

Content recommendations are a great way of increasing exposure of your content. And although they just work out of the box, there is a little inconvenience when using them on a website with subwebs. Content recommendations in SharePoint 2013 One of the great capabilities of SharePoint 2013 are content recommendations.

WCM tip #22: Content Search Web Part publishes user account names

When building content aggregations with users’ information Content Search Web Part publishes account names in page source. As mentioned in the previous tip, Content Search Web Part outputs raw search results in the page source which is then rendered in browser using JavaScript-based Display Templates. When building content aggregations that

WCM tip #21: Content Search Web Part publishes the internal URLs of catalog content

When building content aggregations for catalog content in cross-site publishing scenarios Content Search Web Part includes the original URL of the catalog item in the page source. Content Search Web Part uses by default JavaScript-based Display Template for rendering content aggregations. Since JavaScript is client-side technology executed in the web

WCM tip #19: Use Content Search Web Part for content aggregations when working with Friendly URLs

If you are using Friendly URLs in your website you must use Content Search Web Part to build content aggregations. One of the new capabilities of SharePoint 2013 for public-facing websites is Managed Navigation. Managed Navigation allows you to specify one or more Friendly URLs for each of the navigation

WCM tip #1: Define Crawler XSL File for your Display Template

When building custom Display Templates for Content Search Web Part always build a corresponding XSL Style Sheet and link it to your Display Template. By default Content Search Web Parts use JavaScript-based Display Templates to render content aggregations. Because Internet search engines have limited support for parsing JavaScript, Content Search