Integrating Office 365 web applications and add-ins with LOB applications using Azure API Apps

Connecting your Office solutions to LOB adds complexity and often requires server-side code. What if you could leverage Azure API Apps to connect your Single Page Applications to LOB? When building Office 365 web application and Office web add-ins there is a chance your solution needs to connect not only

Inconvenient ADAL JS Angular with simultaneous CORS requests continued

Recently I wrote about the issue with issuing multiple CORS requests using the ADAL JS library. It turns out that there is even more to it. Inconvenient issuing multiple CORS requests simultaneously with the ADAL JS Angular library The ADAL JS Angular library simplifies building Single Page Applications that communicate

Inconvenient ADAL JS Angular with simultaneous CORS requests

The ADAL JS Angular library offers great capabilities for building rich web applications unless you're trying to issue multiple CORS calls at the same time. Angular - it's for SPAs Angular is a popular framework for building Single Page Applications. It offers many different capabilities such as data binding or

SharePoint Saturday Netherlands 2015 presentation deck available

Last weekend, at the annual SharePoint Saturday Netherlands, I co-presented a session about building solutions with the Office Graph. The presentation Recently released Office Delve surfaces personalized content to you from across Office 365. Powered by the Office Graph, Delve shows you information based on what you're working on and

From 0 to 60 or how I refactored an Office Add-in from a web page hosted in SharePoint to an application using Node.js, CORS and Office 365 API

After building SharePoint solutions for a few years I tried building an Office Add-in querying the Office Graph. Here is what I learned. 0 mph I've been working with the Office Graph for a while now. One of the early days I got the idea of building an Office Add-in