WCM tip #30: Persist the Device Channel choice using the DeviceChannel cookie

When switching between the different Device Channels you can persist the choice using the DeviceChannel cookie. Using Device Channels in SharePoint 2013 you can optimize how your website is displayed for different devices. At least if you follow the original idea behind Device Channels, because in reality you can apply

WCM tip #25: Optimize your authoring and publishing experience with Device Channels

Using Device Channels in SharePoint 2013 you can separate your authoring and publishing experience. This will allow you to optimize your public-facing website for visitors and search engines without losing any of the standard content management capabilities of SharePoint 2013. Device Channels in SharePoint 2013 allow you to define a

WCM tip #23: Use the Vary: User-Agent response header when using Device Channels

When using Device Channels on your website set the Vary: User-Agent response header to let Internet search engines know that different HTML is rendered to different browsers. Device Channels allow you to optimize your website for different devices. By using different Master Pages and Device Channel Panels you can control

Preview content on mobile devices with Mavention Mobile Preview

Are you publishing content on your website and are unsure if it will be displayed properly on mobile devices? Doubt no more with Mavention Mobile Preview! Publishing to mobile? Where is the preview? When publishing web content, content authors often wonder if the content will be laid out properly on

Optimizing SharePoint 2013 websites for mobile devices

The mobile market is growing continuously, and in the near future, more mobile devices than desktop computers will be used to surf the web. To ensure a user-friendly experience, we must optimize Internet websites for presenting content across the different devices. SharePoint 2013 offers a number of options for optimizing