Integrating Office 365 web applications and add-ins with LOB applications using Azure API Apps

Connecting your Office solutions to LOB adds complexity and often requires server-side code. What if you could leverage Azure API Apps to connect your Single Page Applications to LOB? When building Office 365 web application and Office web add-ins there is a chance your solution needs to connect not only

$ yo office v0.4 released

In the last few weeks a number of improvements have been added to the Yeoman Office Generator. The latest version – v0.4 has recently been released to npm. $ yo office The Yeoman Office Generator helps you create Office Add-ins on any platform. It's particularly useful if you're not developing using

Unity Connect Amsterdam 2015 presentation decks available

At the recent Unity Connect Amsterdam 2015 I presented a session about building solutions with the Office Graph and another one about building a NextGen portal for your organization. Building solutions with the Office Graph Preparing for a meeting but not sure what documents are relevant? Writing a proposal and

SharePoint Saturday Munich 2015 presentation deck available

At the recent SharePoint Saturday Munich 2015 I had a pleasure of presenting a session about building contextual experiences with the Office Graph. The session Delve helps you stay in the know with what is going on within your organization. But what if you could have the Office Graph also

Three things that are not super obvious when working with the new Office 365 Unified API and mail

Office 365 offers a rich API for interacting with Mail. Unfortunately it doesn't always work as you would expect. Here are three things that you have to know before you get started. Office 365 APIs for modern development In the past, when you wanted to build an extension on top