Debugging content recommendations in SharePoint 2013

Content recommendations in SharePoint 2013 are a powerful mechanism that can help you expand the reach of your content and increase the conversion from your website. The process of gathering and calculating recommendations is quite complex and consists of quite a few moving parts. If, for some reason, you’re

Inconvenient recommendations for pages with Friendly URLs stored in subwebs

Content recommendations are a great way of increasing exposure of your content. And although they just work out of the box, there is a little inconvenience when using them on a website with subwebs. Content recommendations in SharePoint 2013 One of the great capabilities of SharePoint 2013 are content recommendations.

Presentation deck from SharePoint Saturday Holland 2013 available

Last Saturday I presented on the SharePoint Saturday Holland 2013 on building intelligent websites using SharePoint 2013. Following is the presentation deck from my presentation. During the presentation I used two PowerShell scripts to demonstrate exploring the relevant search settings. The first script was to view the Usage Events in