Speaking at SharePoint Evolution Conference 2015 in London

Earlier this week the agenda for the upcoming SharePoint Evolution Conference 2015 has been published. I have the honor of presenting three sessions. Building solutions with Office Graph Delve, formerly known as Project Oslo, is a new and innovative way to discover information and content in Office 365. Delve recommends

View all shortcut keys in Microsoft “Napa” Office 365 Development Tools

Quick tip: when working with the new [Microsoft “Napa” Office 365 Development Tools](http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/jj220038(v=office.15).aspx?ocid=aff-n-we-loc--ITPRO40936&WT.mc_id=aff-n-we-loc--ITPRO40936) press CTRL+. to see the list of all available shortcut keys. Thanks to Mike Morton of the Microsoft DEVDIV team