Integrating social media with public-facing websites in SharePoint 2013

Integrating social media within your organization can help you reach your organization’s goals. The integration can be done on your organization’s intranet to increase transparency, but you can also make social networks a part of your public-facing website to expand reach and increase conversion of your website.

Leveraging internal controls and APIs using wrapper controls

SharePoint 2013 is a rich platform for building web solutions. And although it offers a rich API to leverage its capabilities in custom solutions, not all of the functionality is accessible through those APIs. There is however a way to access some of it using wrapper controls.

‘Like’ Publishing Pages in SharePoint 2013

‘Liking’ content is one of the new capabilities of SharePoint 2013. And while it works perfectly for Documents and List Items, it doesn’t seem very useful for Publishing Pages. So how would you Like a Publishing Page?