Using Azure Search with a hosted Ghost blog

Using Azure Search with a hosted Ghost blog

Ghost is a powerful blogging engine known for its simplicity and speed. One thing it misses however is search. What if we could use the power of the cloud to allow readers to search on our blog? From WordPress to Ghost Recently I switched from a self-hosted WordPress blog to

Optimizing Office web apps and add-ins for release with Gulp

When building Office web applications and add-ins there comes the time where they are ready for release. What's good for development however, isn't necessarily leading to best performance. Luckily using Gulp you can pretty easily improve your solution's performance. When developing solutions, separating the different components simplifies management and makes

Inconvenient XHTML validation in Sitecore 8 XP

Sitecore tries to help you maintain the quality of your website but sometimes it gets in your way. It’s all about quality Sitecore is a rich platform with powerful web content management capabilities. One of the standard available features are validators that automatically execute as a part of the

Inconvenient Internet Explorer security zones and Azure AD web applications

When building Azure AD web applications you have to ensure that they are in the same security zone as other Office 365 resources. Is it broken? Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you would build a web application registered with Azure AD and you couldn’t get

Inconvenient ADAL JS Angular with simultaneous CORS requests continued

Recently I wrote about the issue with issuing multiple CORS requests using the ADAL JS library. It turns out that there is even more to it. Inconvenient issuing multiple CORS requests simultaneously with the ADAL JS Angular library The ADAL JS Angular library simplifies building Single Page Applications that communicate