Try SharePoint Framework without installing it

Try SharePoint Framework without installing it

Recently Microsoft released the SharePoint Framework. Here is how you can try it without installing it, or any of its prerequisites, on your machine. The new SharePoint developer toolchain In the past, when you wanted to build SharePoint customizations, you had to know .NET. You would install Visual Studio and

Optimizing Office web apps and add-ins for release with Gulp

When building Office web applications and add-ins there comes the time where they are ready for release. What's good for development however, isn't necessarily leading to best performance. Luckily using Gulp you can pretty easily improve your solution's performance. When developing solutions, separating the different components simplifies management and makes

$ yo office v0.4 released

In the last few weeks a number of improvements have been added to the Yeoman Office Generator. The latest version – v0.4 has recently been released to npm. $ yo office | The Yeoman Office Generator helps you create Office Add-ins on any platform. It's particularly useful if you're not developing using

Optimizing performance of Sitecore websites with the Mavention Bundles module

When building websites, one of the techniques to optimize the performance is to limit the number of requests to scripts and stylesheets. While Sitecore supports bundling files, it requires writing custom code to do this. What if you could define your bundles declaratively? Does building websites using frameworks mean poor

Easier prepare for a meeting with the Mavention Meeting Outlook Add-in

Preparing for a meeting and looking for relevant information? What if Outlook would deliver everything you need to know right at your finger tips? Preparing for meetings We all attend meetings and while some of us do it more often than others, we all struggle with finding the relevant information