Mavention Scan Page Headings

Proper usage of headings is very important on the web. It helps you structure your content making it more readable, it makes it easier for visually challenged readers to navigate through the content and helps you optimize your content for search engines. And while it’s so important, it’s quite surprising that there is no standard mechanism available within SharePoint that would allow you to quickly verify that your page has a valid headings structure. However thanks to the great extensibility of SharePoint it’s history: proudly presenting Mavention Scan Page Headings!

WCAG 2.0: Preparing for tomorrow

Via Roger Johansson: Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) has been working on the new version of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) for a couple of years now. Just recently the WCAG 2.0 version has advanced to the W3C Proposed Recommendation status. To simplify the migration process WAI has posted some documentation. Check out Roger’s article Going from WCAG 1.0 to WCAG 2.0 for more information.

WCAG 1.0 Samurai errata has been published

WCAG 1.0 has been published back in 1999 by the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Since that time both the Internet and all the technologies have evolved. The Internet itself has got way different character: together with the commercial side, the social networking has evolved. The only thing that hasn't change so far are the accessibility requirements still remembering the good old HTML 3.2.