Inconvenient programmatically working with Managed Navigation and anonymous users - video

A while ago I published an [article about issues in SharePoint 2013 when trying to programmatically work with Managed Navigation and anonymous users]( For those of you who prefer watching over reading the article has been made available as a video. The guys from Webucator

Optimizing performance of Sitecore websites with the Mavention Bundles module

When building websites, one of the techniques to optimize the performance is to limit the number of requests to scripts and stylesheets. While Sitecore supports bundling files, it requires writing custom code to do this. What if you could define your bundles declaratively? Does building websites using frameworks mean poor

Inconvenient languages and formatting dates in multilingual sites in Sitecore

Sitecore has a built-in support for multilingual sites. And while you might think it would just work, there is more to configuring languages in Sitecore than meets the eye. Building multilingual sites with Sitecore Sitecore is a rich platform that offers standard support for building multilingual websites. One of the

Search engine optimization of multilingual URLs of bucketed items in Sitecore

When building multilingual public-facing websites with Sitecore you want to ensure that your content can easily be found using Internet search engines. Although localizing URLs in Sitecore just works, things get a bit more complicated when working with item buckets. Item buckets in Sitecore When dealing with large number of

Inconvenient XHTML validation in Sitecore 8 XP

Sitecore tries to help you maintain the quality of your website but sometimes it gets in your way. It’s all about quality Sitecore is a rich platform with powerful web content management capabilities. One of the standard available features are validators that automatically execute as a part of the