TechDays NL 2016 presentations slides available

At the recent TechDays NL 2016 I had the pleasure of presenting three sessions about developing on the Office platform.

Developing on the Office platform - the new way

In the past developing on the Office platform required specific skills for each part of the platform. For building SharePoint customizations you had to know ASP.NET and C#/VB.NET. For extending Office you either had to build COM add-ins or use VBA. For web development you had to know a variety of protocols from SOAP to RPC.

Over the last few years Microsoft rationalized the developer opportunities on the Office platform. SharePoint and Office 365 use REST and with the recent release of the SharePoint Framework developers can build solutions on the whole Office platform using modern web technologies and tools.

Office add-ins from 0-60

Using Office web add-ins developers can extend capabilities of Office applications on all platforms. In this session you will learn how to build Office add-ins on any platform and connect them to Office 365.

In this presentation Albert-Jan and I briefly discussed what Office web add-ins are, how they work and how you can build them. Using demo add-ins we showed how you can build Office web add-ins on any platform using the Office Yeoman generator and Angular and how these add-ins can interact with the Office applications they run inside.

Office add ins 0-60 from Albert-Jan Schot & Waldek Mastykarz

Microsoft Graph API deep-dive

Microsoft Graph is the API to get information and data from the Microsoft productivity cloud. In this session you will learn how to effectively use it to build powerful business solutions.

Microsoft Graph simplifies leveraging information and insights from Office 365. Recent investments in the API will soon bring the Microsoft Graph on-premises as well. In our presentation, Albert-Jan and I discussed what the Microsoft Graph is and how you can access it from your solutions. To illustrate its capabilities, we showed a few demo applications and discussed the different things developers must take into account when working with the Microsoft Graph.

Microsoft graph api deep dive from Albert-Jan Schot & Waldek Mastykarz

SharePoint Framework do’s and don’ts

Recently Microsoft released new framework for building SharePoint customizations. With the tips & tricks from this session you will make better use of the SharePoint Framework and build better solutions.

The recently released SharePoint Framework had a pretty good coverage at TechDays NL 2016. Wictor Wilén presented two sessions introducing the SharePoint Framework and its toolchain and going more in depth on some of its aspects. I had the pleasure of sharing some good practices I learned over the past months while working with the SharePoint Framework.

SharePoint Framework do's and don'ts from Waldek Mastykarz

The event

The majority of the audience who attended my presentations were developers with little to none Office development experience. It’s been great to see some new faces and share the latest developer opportunities on the Office platform. I hope that my presentations made you curious and you will build an Office web add-in or a web part using the SharePoint Framework. I would like to thank the organization for the opportunity to speak and the sponsors for making the event possible.

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