What is Cloud Developer Advocacy at Microsoft?

What is Cloud Developer Advocacy at Microsoft?

Last week I joined Microsoft as a Cloud Developer Advocate. Here is what Cloud Advocacy at Microsoft is and what we're doing.

Developer Advocacy

In many organizations, Developer Advocacy is a part of Developer Relations (often shortened to DevRel): an initiative that is meant to help developers be successful with the particular software product/platform. Kim Maida wrote a great explanation of DevRel and its four pillars: developer advocacy, -evangelism, -experience and community and how they relate to each other. The most important part is that for DevRel to succeed, it needs to cover all four aspects.

Microsoft Cloud Advocates

Microsoft Cloud Advocates is a technology-focused team at Microsoft focused on helping organizations get more out of the Microsoft Cloud. Cloud Advocates cover a broad spectrum of technologies: from web development to machine learning, AI, and DevOps.

Microsoft Cloud Advocates do more than just being advocates for their audience. In fact, we are active in all DevRel areas. We frequently present at events organized by both Microsoft and others. We help you understand what's new and what's possible on the Microsoft Cloud. We work on documentation, guidance, samples, and tools, and help ensure that you have a great experience working with Microsoft technology. We channel your feedback back to product groups to improve our products. We also engage with the different communities that you're a part of. And we don't do it alone.

We work closely together with product groups, content writers, and marketing teams to ensure that the message we convey about Microsoft technology is concise, consistent and reaches you.

My team

I'm a part of the team within Microsoft Cloud Advocates that focuses on helping developers build applications on Microsoft 365. While our team is relatively new, we have already been presenting on webinars, writing tutorials, building samples, and more! You can expect to see and hear more from us in the coming months. In fact, a few of my colleagues will be hosting a Global Microsoft 365 Developer Bootcamp in a few days, which I can highly recommend you sign up for.

If there is anything that we can help with, related to development on Microsoft 365, please, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We'd love to hear from you about your experience with building applications on Microsoft 365 and where we could improve.


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