#21 What Do You Spend Your Time On?

Time, you can spend it only once and there are more choices available to us than ever before.

Deciding what to do next might not be an issue for you if you’re employed or working on a project with a plan. But if you freelance, maintain an open-source project, build a product, or do anything that requires your initiative, you likely experienced that first hand: paralysis by the abundance of choices.

Should you learn this new framework, watch that presentation, attend the event, write docs, update dependencies, help others, review your colleague’s work, implement that feature, binge that show, chill out on the couch… the list is endless.

Each opportunity comes with a cost. If you’re doing this, you’re not doing these other 5 things. It’s that simple. So choose wisely, because you can spend your time only once and once spent, you will never get it back.

Why are you going to do next? What other 5 things will you give up for it?

Photo by Wonderlane on Unsplash

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