#51 Why you should learn git

A lot of technical content is shared on GitHub these days. And if you want to use it or contribute to it, you will need to learn git.

A few years ago, the Microsoft ecosystem started adopting git. I recall when I saw git for the first time. Coming from TFS, it didn’t make any sense to me. Feature branches and pull requests: I mean ‘why’?

Fast forward to today, git is inevitable. It’s everywhere. There are tons of code samples on GitHub, and even Microsoft docs are stored in a git repo. It just makes sense: if you want people outside your organization to contribute to your code, using git is what you need. And GitHub is the platform where you can put your content and code.

git is intimidating. The good news is that if you want to grab some code from a repository, all you need is just one or two commands. If you need to contribute to someone else’s code and submit a pull request, you need to know some more but still not everything. Finally, if you manage a repo, you’d need to know some more to properly handle merge errors and commit history.

Start small, but start today. The cheese is gone. The world is on git. Are you too?

PS. The easiest way to git started is by joining one of the ‘Sharing is caring’ sessions run by the Microsoft 365 PnP community. You’ll get personal help and quickly learn what you need to know. See you there!

Photo by Roman Synkevych on Unsplash

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